Are non-bank loans visible?

The non-bank loans sector enjoys unflagging popularity. Consumers are regularly clinging to him, who for various reasons do not want or can not take advantage of the classic banking loan. It gives different benefits. Are non-bank loans visible in BIK?

Non-bank loans have seen a steady increase in popularity. A group of diverse clients comes to them. For some, the loan is the first commitment they have to face and uses it encouraged by advertising campaigns or a popular opinion about the ease of obtaining funds. Others use loans after an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a loan from the bank or being aware that the current financial situation will be treated negatively by the bank in advance.

And it is mainly the prevailing opinion about the ease of obtaining a loan is today a factor that works in favor of the popularity of loan companies.

Loan – benefits in relation to a bank loan

Loan - benefits in relation to a bank loan

The basic element that distinguishes the loan and banking sector is looser and less scrupulous verification of consumers. Banks always check if the consumer has employment. The length of service, type of contract and documents that can certify this are verified.

In the case of loan companies, this is not checked by every lender. There are a lot of them who do not require any certification as to their employment, nor the length of their internship.

Another difference, for many consumers being the most important factor, is a more relaxed attitude to financial registers and debt bases. Banks are very thoroughly checking such databases as the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) or the Bureau of Economic Information (BIG, KRD, Infomonitor).

In the case of noting the fact of being a current or past debtor, many consumers face denial of credit or unprivileged terms of commitment. The same is true of the delays in repayment.

Loan companies sometimes do not treat entries in BIK and BIG as determining the loan terms. Often, in general, they do not cooperate either with either of them or with one of them.

Are non-bank loans visible in BIK?

non-bank loans and money

Here it is worth going to the aspect worth moving. What is the question of the visibility of a non-bank loan at BIK when it has already been allocated to the consumer?

Regardless of whether the consumer repays it without any problems or if it has a problem with timely repayment, many would like such an obligation not be visible in the financial registers.

The issue of the visibility of a non-bank loan at BIK depends on one thing. As mentioned above, they are only visible if the loan company cooperates with the Credit Information Bureau.

There is no such obligation and it is completely free. Therefore, there is quite a large group of loan companies whose liabilities are not visible in BIK or are recorded only in specific cases.

Visibility of a non-bank loan in BIK – types

Data in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) can be collected in various ways. When browsing the offers of various loan companies, you can generally distinguish three of them.

  • Full cooperation with BIK – information about the loan is recorded from the moment it is granted. BIK collects data on regularity or lack of regularity in repayments.
    Examples of such loan companies:
    – Aasa
    – Alpha Credit
    – EuroLoan
    – ExtraPortfel
    – Halo Loan
    – Hapi Loans
    – Easy Credit
    – Quick Cash
    – ViaSMS
    – Vivus
    – Wonga
    – Zaplo.
  • Note only delays in repayment – there is a large group of loan companies that enter their consumers’ data only if there is a delay in repayment to 60 days (2 months) from the final date.
    Examples of such loan companies:
    – LendOn
    – NetCredit
    – Smart Loan
    – Soho Credit
    – Visset.
  • Lack of any cooperation with BIK – these are loan companies that do not cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau at all. As a result, loan data will never be found there.
    Examples of such loan companies:
    – Ferratum
    – Filarum
    – PLUS loan
    – Cheap Credit
    – Wandoo.

Is it worth using the services of a company that does not cooperate with BIK?

If the consumer is just looking for an interesting loan offer, the issue of visibility in BIK can be treated as an important parameter. The list of companies that cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau is not a secret and is easily available.

What benefits can be associated with getting a loan from a company that does not cooperate with BIK?

First and foremost, no mention in BIK. Regardless of repayment and delays, this is not recorded in this register. As a result, it may be easier to get a loan or product for installments, despite a problematic episode with a non-bank liability. However, the condition must be a lack of cooperation with other databases, such as BIG, KRD and ERiF. Otherwise, the data will still be checked in these databases and come to light.



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